Reasons Why Home Appliances Break Down Frequently Or Prematurely

Reasons Why Home Appliances Break Down Frequently Or Prematurely

April 04, 2022

In any home, several electrical appliances are considered as the “lifeline” of the building. These include the televisions, the computers, the lights, and the water heater. Apart from these, other home appliances are also essential. The refrigerator, the oven, the washing machine, and the air conditioner are home appliances that help the residents keep their food fresh and their rooms cool. However, these appliances do tend to show their age sooner than expected. Most homeowners are aware that their appliances are prone to breakdowns or failures. They always ensure no discrepancies in the appliances they buy or need for their home. However, some homeowners are not aware of why their home appliances often break down. These are some of the reasons why your appliances break down:


Improper Placement


It sounds simple enough, but where you place an appliance can significantly affect whether or not it breaks down prematurely. Washers and dryers should be placed on level ground. Otherwise, they will vibrate excessively and potentially break down sooner than they should. Refrigerators need clearance on all sides to operate appropriately, and dishwashers require adequate space underneath to effectively drain water out of the machine. The solution: Follow manufacturer recommendations for proper placement of appliances in your home.


Lack of Cleaning


Unless you clean your appliances regularly, they will fail quickly. Some appliances require cleaning on a more frequent basis than others. We're talking about appliances such as coffee makers, blenders, and microwaves, which require weekly maintenance and cleaning. In addition, you should clean the water filters in your refrigerator every six months or so and the lint filter in your dryer after each wash of laundry. This will aid in the prevention of breakdowns caused by dirt accumulation.




This is the number one reason for breakdowns in home appliances. Appliances are usually used daily, such as washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. There is no wonder they break down frequently with such a heavy workload. Although you have a warranty for your appliance, you should never forget that they don’t last forever. Regular wear and tear can affect their overall performance and lifespan. For example, your washing machine's motor can be damaged if you continuously use it to wash heavy loads.


No regular maintenance program


All home appliances need regular maintenance to function efficiently. However, most homeowners neglect this aspect of appliance ownership, which leads to constant breakdowns or premature failure of the items in question.


Faulty installation


You can have an appliance installed by a professional technician or do it yourself (DIY) if you have the required experience and tools. In both cases, however, you need to get it right because faulty installation is one of the major causes of frequent breakdowns in home appliances.


Low Manufacturing Quality


Many brands of home appliances have been known to use low manufacturing quality when making their products. For example, some manufacturers have been known to use inferior materials that do not last long to cut costs. As a result, you will end up with a product that breaks down frequently or prematurely.


Electrical Problems


Electrical issues such as power spikes and surges can cause significant damage to home appliances over time. Most electrical devices are not designed to withstand this type of power fluctuation, so it is best to protect them with a surge protector.


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