The Perfect Size For Your New Refrigerator

The Perfect Size For Your New Refrigerator

May 09, 2022

Undoubtedly, when you own or rent a property, you have responsibility for its appliances; If one stops working correctly and repairing it is not a viable option, you have to buy a new one, which is not always exactly easy.


Our refrigerator is an essential appliance in our home since its responsible for storing the food that our family will consume in optimal conditions. If our refrigerator no longer works as it should and we are buying a new one, consider some factors.


From the exterior and interior dimensions to the different features they may have, we have compiled some tips for you to choose the right refrigerator for your needs.


The Measures


As we well know, there are three ways to know the dimensions of an object in space: measure the height, width, and depth.




It is the vertical dimension the refrigerator will occupy in its final position. The way to measure is by using a measuring tape from the top to the floor, considering the adjustment knobs located on the base of the new refrigerator.




The width will be the horizontal dimension your refrigerator will occupy when looking at it from the front. The way to measure it will be using the measuring tape from one side of the door to the other. If the refrigerator has two doors, it will be the distance from the edge of the first to the end of the second.




The depth will be the dimension from the front of the refrigerator to the back, considering any coils, ductwork, or features extending beyond the refrigerator's rear. As in the previous cases, measuring tape is required. Measuring will start from the front to the back of the refrigerator.


Knowing the new refrigerator's measurements will help us better figure out ??where to place it in our home. If the new refrigerator is going to be installed in an area with specific measures, you will have to know the height, width, and depth of the place where you want to locate it.


Other Considerations On The Measures


If you live in a building or a small house: Make sure that the dimensions of your new refrigerator do not impede you from transporting it through the hallways and entrances to your home. No one likes to buy a new appliance only to find out they can't move it to its final location.?


If you want your new refrigerator located in the middle of two kitchen counters, you will need to measure the distance between them to make sure it will fit in the space.?


It is important to leave gaps of approximately one inch between the refrigerator and the walls, thus allowing the refrigerator to ventilate to ensure the proper functioning of your new equipment. Ventilation space is necessary for your refrigerator to breathe. Lack of ventilation space can lead to overheating, which can cause your refrigerator to work harder and possibly shut down.?


Special Features To Consider




External water and ice dispensers located in the refrigerator door maximize internal storage capacity.




Allows you to adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator according to the amount of food stored.




Removable compartments facilitate cleaning and accommodate our food in the most convenient way for us.


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