Why You Should Not Repair Appliances Yourself

Why You Should Not Repair Appliances Yourself

May 16, 2022

All homeowners and tenants can agree that repairing defective appliances on our own is admirable work; however, there are times when trying is not worth the risk.


In the best-case scenario, we may have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out our appliance repairs; however, suppose something does not go as expected. In that case, we will only end up invalidating the product warranty and possibly risking our lives. Some jobs are better in the hands of experts. Even if you feel confident about trying, you should first learn about the repairs you shouldn't do yourself.




Replacing the burned-out light bulb in the refrigerator does not seem like a significant complication. However, if the problem presented by the equipment impedes it from working correctly and cannot be readily determined by yourself, the best alternative would be to call a professional.


To take into consideration:


We must not forget that refrigerators can be pretty heavy. Moving them in the wrong way could cause serious physical injuries like hernias.?


The gas used in refrigerators is toxic and can be dangerous if inhaled, irritating the nose, throat and causing lung damage. In the air, this gas can also cause headache, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting, and if the concentration in the room is excessive or we expose to prolonged inhalation, even death.?


Refrigerators are delicate-maintenance appliances. A lousy repair can lead to more damage to the unit and a higher repair cost with a professional.?




These ovens cook and heat food sending microwaves that make vibrate water molecules, sugars, and certain fats in food. The movement and collision between molecules cause energy transfer between them, increasing the heat in the food cooking it from the inside.


If you think that repairing a microwave oven could be easy, better know that it is a task that represents a risk for you and your family. Microwave ovens use high-power voltages, so even after turning off, this appliance's capacitor may contain enough stored voltage charge to give you a dangerous electrical shock. If our microwave oven is failing, the best option is to hire a professional for any repair.


Gas Ovens


This appliance works differently from the previous one since it performs its function of cooking food through gas combustion, generating more significant heat than generated by its electric counterparts.


Gas ovens and stoves repair is another job that requires professional expertise, as defective repairs can lead to gas leaks and cause poisoning and fires. If a gas leak occurs and our home does not have gas detectors (it should), we could be exposed to a short circuit or a small flame causing a fire or explosion, thus risking our home and our family.


Other Recommendations


We must remember that the useful life of appliances has a limit. Excessively extending this useful life of our devices may cause short circuits and overheating that can end in fires and explosions. We must avoid the premature obsolescence of electrical appliances without ignoring the risks of extending their useful life for a long and unnecessary time.?


We must avoid buying appliances from less-known or very low-cost brands. Those appliances are classified as unsafe or dangerous due to their low quality, which is derived from reducing production costs to achieve competitive prices.


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